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In April patriotic foolishness will reach epic proportions as Europe comes to Melbourne in the shape of a wondrous homage to Eurovision.

Song Contest – the almost Eurovision Experience is an epically delirious hoot that hits its target bang on, right in the midst of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Set to delight Eurovision fans and shock the critics, this is a truly immersive experience.
Genuine Audience Voting determines which of the eleven contestants wins on the night.
Comedian Bev Killick leads a first class cast (they’re all hot)  and Bev is the duck’s nuts.


Alex Theatre, St Kilda
(formerly George Cinemas)


There is no story! It’s just like being at the finals of Eurovision, set in Minsk, capital of Belarus. Inevitably to be confused with the real thing, but you only have to catch Tram 16 to St Kilda to get there.
We suggest you get a couple of tickets because you’ll laugh, forget about your problems for a while and you’re likely to get lucky.
You’ll be able to download the free App soon for voting and ordering drinks, and maybe a meal before the show. Because you’re a Eurovisionary you get a wavy flag. Oh yeah, a generous discount on tickets too. See, it was worth it.

All the best for now,
The Song Contest Team