‘Song Contest – FutureVision’ is an inter-schools song-writing and performance competition, utilizing the stage musical Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience to encourage young people to engage experientially with a successful commercial theatre production. It also provides a platform for students to contribute their own creative ideas to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Song Contest is a loving, comedy, homage to The Eurovision Song Contest which can be best summarised as a cross between a concert and a sporting event.  The inaugural production was held in Melbourne in April 2016 to critical acclaim.

“Why is this parody of a parody so ridiculously enjoyable? … best of all Song Contest takes full advantage of the live experience”  The Australian

Winning entries from the schools competition will become a part of the professional production as it tours nationally in 2017, with the licensing revenue being returned to community projects and music programs supporting youth initiatives.

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Viarnne Mischon
Ph: 0421 737 464
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