“Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience” is a glitzy comedic and loving tribute to  the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get, with eleven countries competing, a multitude of anxious contestants, a gushing hostess and all the quirkiness that both delights us and makes us cringe in a single breath.  The audience voting is authentic with the potential for a different winner every night (come a couple of times and you will see it’s not rigged.) If you love Eurovision more than kittens or would rather chew alfoil that sit through it, you will adore this show.

The Story

There is no story!  It’s just like being at the finals of Eurovision, which this year happens to be in Belarus’ capital city, Minsk. Inevitably to be confused with the real thing but so much more accessible. Song Contest is a cross between a musical comedy, a concert and a sporting event. It’s an exhausting but ultimately affordable, uplifting top night out. What could be better? The answer is dress ups….wear them!!


All original songs  – each one very “Eurovisiony” (yes that is a word.) This show has wind-blown hair power ballads, pretty glitter boy pop, soulful groove and all manner of patriotic foolishness. It’s all here. The songs are top shelf and sound just like something you have heard before on Eurovision, only different and a bit wrong.

Competing Countries

Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy, Iceland, United Kingdom, Ireland and Russia. And Norway, so eleven.

Audience Experience

Everyone gets a free badge for one of the eleven competing countries. That is your country to which you pledge your allegiance for the show.  Just go with it, get completely swept up in the utter foolishness, dress up, share drinks and have a blast.
The competition is real but the rivalry is friendly and always with a nail-biting finish. So cheer on your adopted country, wave your flag and make some noise. If you sign up to be a Eurovisionary you  get all the good deals and updates.